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Standards & Interoperability (S&I) Framework

There’s a new standards organization in town: Standards & Interoperability (S&I) Framework.

The objective of the S&I framework is to create a robust, repeatable process based on federal best practices that will enable ONC to execute on initiatives that will help improve interoperability and adoption of standards and health information technology.

The question is where is this new effort going to squeeze itself into the bigger picture of Healthcare Un-Interoperability?

It’s been close to four years and nothing has really changed.

A lot of effort was put into HITSP, but “the S&I Framework is not envisioned to be the “sequel” to HITSP, but a new evolution in standards harmonization.”  Your have to wonder how YASC (Yet Another Standards Committee) initiated by the government is going to add clarity to an already confused standards landscape — again.

Technically, you have to love a standard that fully embraces acronyms:

  • Computational Independent Model (MDA-CIM)
  • Platform Independent Model (PIM)
  • Platform Specific Model (PSM)
  • Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD)
  • National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)
  • NIEM Health IEPD

Together, the CIM, PIM and PSM will be compiled to generate the NIEM Health IEPD.



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