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Robot Doctors

drrobotThe Atlantic article The Robot Will See You Now is a good read. There’s a lot of discussion about how the AI technology developed for IBM Watson could benefit the health care system. Also, advanced computing combined with the use of smart phones for physiological data collection and transmission has real potential:

As sensors shrink and improve, they will increasingly allow health to be tracked constantly and discreetly—helping people to get over illnesses faster and more reliably—and in the best of cases, to avoid getting sick in the first place.

The preventative component of continuous monitoring could have a significant impact in the effectiveness of healthcare delivery.

The economics and psychology of “Health 2.0” will be an evolutionary process. The movement towards less skilled healthcare professionals equipped with “clinical support” tools is inevitable.  Hopefully that will be as close as we get to having to visit a robot doctor.

iPhone Health Applications for Medical Professionals

Epocrates-iphoneThere are a lot of iPhone health and fitness applications available. Many are for the general public. Here are some vetted lists that target medical professionals:

Update (11/3/09):

There’s an entire Web Site devoted to this subject:

iPhone Medical & Health Apps: news, reviews, trends

Hat tip: John Zaleski

Health 2.0 — User Generated Healthcare

This presentation (pdf) was given by Matthew Holt at the MS-HUG Tech Forum, Feb. 24, at HIMSS08 in Orlando (all presentations are here).

There are many informative slides that cover EMR adoption, consumer health demographics, the progression of IT, Web 2.0, and a definition of Health 2.0:

Health 2.0 — Holt’s best guess at the constituent parts

It’s too bad there’s not a video available of the presentation. I’d love to hear a full explanation of the Mongolian Marxists and their relationship to healthcare IT.

There are five slides on PatientsLikeMe. This site and many of the related issues are well covered in the New York Times Magazine article last month called Practicing Patients.

Health 2.0

The Health 2.0 movement (also see here) is a comprehensive approach to many of the EMR/PHR topics I’ve discussed in the past. Scott Shreeve, MD (there are many good posts on his blog) proposes what he calls the “Triple-A of Health 2.0” approach (also see the overviews here and here):

Aggregate, Analyze, and Advise

I like Dr. Shreeve’s Health 2.0 Business Model analysis in that it clearly defines corporate motivations in this marketplace. It’s hard not to like the Aggregate concepts of Prostitution, Voyeurism, and Fetishes.

How is value going to be derived and payed for? Put into this Health 2.0 business model context at least you can begin to ask the right questions.

What Health 2.0 makes clear is the complexity of the issues that need to be resolved and that there’s a long road ahead.

UPDATE (15-Nov-2007) :

A new Health 2.0 site: Health 2.0 Blog



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