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Writers Writing about Writing

Jeff Atwood is a great writer. All of his blog posts are informative and interesting.

How to Write Without Writing is a case in point.  It starts off with a clever hook (“trick my fellow programmers”), expounds the benefits of writing, particularly answering questions (“fun sized”) as a way to improve your communication skills.  All of this is true.

The worm in the apple of course is the blatant promotion for the Writers Stack Exchange site. You really can’t fault Jeff for doing this though. If you were running a venture funded business that depended on driving traffic, you’d make use of your celebrity in exactly the same way.

This will hopefully not diminish the message that writing can be used as an effective vehicle to gain technical knowledge as well as being a critical professional skill.

That wasn’t as insurmountable and impenetrable as I thought it was going to be.



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